books are breath


A life without books is a very hollow existence indeed. Nothing else has the power to make me laugh out loud, cry like a baby, or scream in rage like reading a book can. I am open to all genres and am willing to give almost anything a try, even if it's outside my normal scope. My faves are thrillers/suspense but I am also into paranormal, drama, chick lit and YA. This is my first blog, so forgive my ignorance and if you see something I can improve, do tell. :) 

Things that make ya go hmmmm

Tampa - Alissa Nutting

So I am not really sure what drew me to this book when I first heard of it, other than just the controversy and taboo subject. I tried to find it at my local library = no go. I could only find a preview on B&N's site and for some reason I became very focused on obtaining and reading this book. Now that I have it on my tablet and have read about 35 pages (woulda been more but I am at work) I am wondering if I'm going to be judged for my choice of reading material. More than likely the answer is yes. I live in a portion of the Bible Belt, where people still fly rebel flags and tightly hold to their warped, outdated views. Anyway, no matter what anyone may think or say, what I read does not make me a monster or a saint, I think it simply enriches me. 

Currently reading

The Vacationers: A Novel
Emma Straub
The Bone Clocks
David Mitchell