books are breath


A life without books is a very hollow existence indeed. Nothing else has the power to make me laugh out loud, cry like a baby, or scream in rage like reading a book can. I am open to all genres and am willing to give almost anything a try, even if it's outside my normal scope. My faves are thrillers/suspense but I am also into paranormal, drama, chick lit and YA. This is my first blog, so forgive my ignorance and if you see something I can improve, do tell. :) 

Wow, just wow.

Tampa - Alissa Nutting

I'm not sure how to feel upon finishing this book. It was well written, and I feel like the subject matter should definitely make me feel a little skeevy but I actually don't. I was able to be objective and take it for the work of fiction that it is. That's not saying that it's the book for everyone. It's extremely graphic and sexual and just the idea of it would be enough to make some blush. I'm sure the book burners and religious nuts would have a field day with it though.

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The Vacationers: A Novel
Emma Straub
The Bone Clocks
David Mitchell